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This was basically my playing of Kerbal 1.1.2 with a random set of interesting mods. No specific agenda.  It was more of the Kerbal fun game. Now that 1.1.3 is pretty mature I have a new general Kerbal adventure game to do there which I have called Settler.  That will be intended to build up and settle the Kerbin system and then set up a settlement on a remote planet (TBD).  That will be the goal of that game. As such, this game is being ended.  It was fun and a great intro to 1.1 in general.  I also learned about some great mods I have not used before. The End.

Mission 19: Minmus Missions Begin

Now that some Mun missions are under out belt, we head to Minmus.  Fortunately the quirk of the Kerbin system is that it doesn't require a whole lot more to get to Minmus so some of our equipment designs will just be re-useable. To start that, we have the Minmus Scanning mission.  Almost identical to the Mun Scanning mission, we can use the same craft. Launch date: 1y 315d Minmus Scanner 2 (Mun Scanner 2 craft 6156 dV) Lunached with MechJeb matching so I only needed a few dV to match planes.  2384 dV left with matched planes in orbit! Good mission. Now it will collect the additional scanner data for a while. <Minmus Scanner 2> It looks like we have some advanced training for Deblotte now.  Her craft will be the Raptor series.  This is the launch and incline change return mission.  Should be straightforward. Raptor 1 (Deblotte Pilot) Mercury Orbital Platform craft (6017 dV) Launch date: 1y 324d Go for 125km equatorial orbit (<5deg).  Than an incline change (>45deg). Safe Return. Good mission with a bit of science as well. <Deblotte Training> Did a little cleanup work for better performance. <Tracking Cleanup> Next on tap appears to be our first Minmus landing (unkerballed) as that will get us a bit of science.    I should be able to use the Mun Landing Craft and the next in the series (Erriksen 2). Looking at the log, there was some odd aspects to launch, so I will watch this one more carefully.  It is a stubby craft, so that is probably where the problem is.  I don't think I will use it a lot though, so okay for now.  I will limit accel to 25 just to be safe. Added on extendable solar array since the log indicates it needs the power. Columbus 1 Mun Lander craft (6759 dV) Launch date: 1y 324d Good launch into plane.  Less pulsing, it is just plain top-heavy I think. Small dV to match incline. Good landing in Lowlands. Good Science. Mot enough juice for the seismic data.  Need to allow partial.  Need more juice... The antenna got stuck.  Crap.  I won't get the 100 value seismic data.  I tried turning it off and on.  I tried sending a different instrument.  It is stuck open.  I may change view and check if that works. That seems to be working a bit. <Columbus 1> I have two contracts to take care of.  The first is the survey contract for Kerbin itself.  Very straightforward so I think I will do that first.  Also, I have a Jeb training mission to do.  It is a simple mission but I am hoping to test my new trajectory mod to see if I can pinpoint his landing a bit.  I want to use it for aerobraking planning in the future. Kerbin Scanner 2 Munar Scanner 2 craft (6156 dV) - doesn't save much money to reduce this. Launch date: 1y 333d Do a polar launch.  Go to 260 km orbit.  Do fuzzy resource scan and then do the longer term multi-spectral scan (biome stuff). Flawless launch.  90.2 deg incline.  260 km circular orbit.  Perfect! <Kerbin Scanner 2> I did a basic trajectory test on that previous mission.  Let's see if I can pinpoint a Jeb landing. I can land on anything but water to get a surface sample (or EVA or Crew Report.  Don't do water).  A crew report for anything but grassland.  Let's see what I can do! Eagle-3 (Jebediah pilot training) Mercury Orbital Platform (6017 dV, overkill due to now required inclination shift although I may do one for trajectory). Launch date: 1y 333d Basic orbital mission.  Looking to get some science on return. Something odd happened. I may have hit execute on accident.  Either way, my targeting got screwed.  Just trying to land at this point. Got a crew report flying low over grasslands.  Can get EVA and surface sample.  Need to test trajectory better. <Jeb Training 3> I did some impact contract testing (with intent to reset).  I was not able to get to the 15 Mjoules.  It appears that I was only able to get to about 12 if I did  the math right (800kj = 1 ton @ 40m/s).  I did 1 ton at just over 600 m/s which puts you around 12Mj.  I need to test some more but the science looks good from this. I tried some more and it should be getting me well above 15, but it is not going green.  No idea.  I am not finding it online and I don't know how you tell what impact you did have! Resetting... to Jeb save. Time to do a little Valentina training now.  She needs to do the inclination transfer.  I can experiment with trajectories again, hopefully better this time!  I can then do a rescue mission with a science upgrade and get a new crew member. Skyhawk 3 (Valentina training) Mercury Orbital Platform (6017dV) Launch date: 1y 335d Standard training. Apparently, Trajectory does take into account rotation.  This is awesome.  However, it unfortunately showed I ad almost no chance of landing on land to get a surface sample.  I'm going to call the test a success though.  I will be able to plan much better now. <Valentina Training 3> Okay, I fully upgraded my research so I could get the next level of MechJeb and also the Octosat probes (which I love).  I want to explore some other worlds.  And do some local system return samples.  So upgrade and spend 550 of science to do just that.  My first test will be rescuing and getting a new crew member. Rescue 1 (unkerballed to start) Korabl Base craft (4342 dV) Launch date: 1y 336d Hopefully I have enough dV to pull this off.  It is an orbital craft I am connecting to and fairly low orbit.  Her name is Mibie.  I don't know her specialty yet. Forgot to take Jeb out.  Fixing. Since I am going into a higher orbit (100km vs 85km)  I am launching before the target reaches me. It would take 17 orbits.  Not a good call.  I am letting the rendezvous play itself out. I think my dV will be okay, it is all small moves it looks like so I should have about 300dV when I get there. Cool.  Mibie is a pilot! (I wouldn't have minded some actual experts though...) Heading back. I may even get some surface science out of this. <Mibie Rescue>  

Mission 18: First Space Telescope

This is not a money-making but a science making craft.  Galileo I will be my first space telescope.  I will put it into a polar orbit with a periapsis very close to Kerbin but a Hugely high (as far as I can get) apoasis.  It should be slower there and be easier to aim above the plane without blocking.  I guess we will see. You get lots of science from the space telescopes.  Every photo is worth some big science points so it is a worthwhile mission. My sim version of Galileo has 7319 dV, so hopefully plenty for this mission and further adjustments. Sim worked well.  Did not even go polar (will use a bit more fuel) but I had plenty. Need to set up the solar panels to open on a button so it is easier! Taking a moment to experiment with Kerbal Academy again.  There is an airplane mission that I wanted to experiment with. Absolutely terrible landing!  However, I did hit the waypoints and the flight school was successful! <Kerbal Training 2> Now back to the telescope. Galileo I Space Telescope Galileo I craft (7319 dV) Launch date: 1y 268d Was interrupted for the Duna Lander correction (pretty minor, not sure why I did that) I was able to get some decent science on a limited number of closer planets and moons.  I want to attach a science lab in the future, but this worked out for a burst of science. Here is the list (others were too far): Kerbol, Kerbon, Mun. Minmus, Moho, Eve, Duna, Ika, Jool, Vall, Laythe, and Tylo. These can be revisited with the next telescope and will get more science as well as more targets. <Galileo I Complete> A contract came up for a Mun orbital EVA.  Valentina could use more experience and that could be a Mun orbit.  I extended the Mercury Orbital to handle the mission and I think this will get a few dollars as well as some science from crew and EVA report. Skyhawk-2 (Valentina orbits the Mun) Mercury Orbital Platform (extended 6017dV) Launch date: 1y 283d Should be routine in a sense.  Orbit, TMI, and return.  Nothing too fancy. 1631 dV after TMI. 1000+dV thrown before re-entry. Lost camera on re-entry. Only 3 ablator left!!! Holy Cow that was close (almost lost Val) <Val Orbits Mun> Another Kerbal Academy Training Flight for Marlina I misspelled the save... <Academy Martina> Built and tested a Mun Scanner (Can use for Minmus as well) that incorporates the M700 as well as the MultiScan so it should get me a decent contract and science.  I'll probably wait for a Minmus contract to do that mission. Munar Scanner 2 Munar Scanner 2 craft (6156 dV) Launch date: 1y 286d Needs to do a 75% scan using the M700.  Also has a mult-spectral on board. Set it up in polar Mun orbit at a height of 210 km+-5km. 1581dV after TMI. Change to polar 1400 dV left. Circularize and begin scan (207x210 km) Success. <Munar Scanner 2> I can fulfill a contract by returning Goo and Material from a high Minmus orbit.  I can get more of that with my Mun Orbital return craft, so I am sending that mission. Minmus Orbital Return (Mun Orbital Return craft 5695 dV) Launch date: 1y 288d (night launch) Needs to return with Material and Goo from high orbit (> 30km) 1487 dV left for transfer to Minmus and back.  (no orbit) 230 dV for plane matching. 890 dV for Minmus Transfer. (366 remaining) Setup fine tune (0.2 dV) for a 24 km encounter with Minmus and clean return it looks like! Only 38 dV required (have 366) to get to 20km height!  Looks good! Yes! <Minmus Survey Complete> Kerbal Academy is having Marlina do her first space mission.  Orbital and inclination change.  She will use the Mercury Orbital Platform equipment.  Should be fairly straightforward. Falcon 1 (Marlina Pilot) Mercury Orbital Platform craft (6017 dV) Launch date: 1y 313d Go for 125km equatorial orbit (<5deg).  Than an incline change (>45deg). Safe Return. 2454dV at orbit.  Needs 1793dV for incline change to 48 deg. 659 dV left for de-orbit burn.  Good show!  Come on home Marlina! Marlina got a bit of EVA science while she was heading back. <Marlina Training>  

Mission 17: Kerbals in Space and First Muns

The time has come to launch our first Kerbal orbital missions ans begin the Kerballed Conquest of Space! The Mercury Orbiter was well-tested without a crew, so the time has come to add a crew.  Our first Kerbal in space is scheduled to be Valentina.  She is supposed to make an orbital journey (low orbit).  The main science will be a crew and EVA report.  That may be enough to up our science levels to new MechJeb features. I spent some money to upgrade the launch pad and make Kerbal EVA possible for more science from the missions.  I also added two high-qualified pilots (Great Courage, Low Stupid) named Deblotte and Marlina.  Looks like we have 3 female pilots! <First Kerbal Orbit Prep> Skyhawk 1 (Valentina pilot) Mercury Orbital Platform craft Launch date: 1y 225d I actually forgot the comm device!  At least Valentina can bring her reports home herself.  Big goof. 129km x 119km orbit (seems less circular than it should be) Dropped the 2nd stage with plenty left.  Almost 500 in last stage and dropping stage after 89dV burn leaving 414dV. Reentry pending. 21 Ablator used.  Coming down on the peninsula. Valentina was Successful! <Skyhawk 1> Eagle 1 (Jebediah Pilot) Mercury Orbital Platform craft Launch date: 1y 226d Going for high orbit (>250km) for crew report and EVA science. Orbit 284x282km (606 dV in 2nd stage, 495 in return stage) Deorbit burn requires 183dV. Successful recovery. <Eagle 1> I need 10 more science to take advantage of MechJeb landing features.  I did manual landings but these are easier (obviously).  So I plan to send a Munar Return mission to get the last bit of Goo and Materials science from Munar Orbit so that I can get the landing features in science. Mun Orbiter Return Launch date: 1y, 226d A round trip to Mun that includes a return of goo and materials at high and low space. Good mission that took almost two weeks because of a wide orbital swing out from Kerbin. In the meanwhile, an old historical mission happened, a flyby of Eve (Venera-1).  While I didn't get the money for getting rid of those contracts, I got a LOT of science!  With these two missions I now have over 850 science and can do some advancement! <Venera Flyby> <Mun Orbital Return> I now the next two tree levels I want but there is one shortly after that will get me more MechJob capabilities and the Octo craft to start doing some cool unmanned science.  I am heading into an interesting zone at this point. Updated the research facility and added Thomptrey (Scientist) who had high value. My science limit has lifted to 500 which means I still need to spend $1.6m to get to the Octo payloads.  However, there is a lot of good new science I can get that will actually feed more science numbers.  I can develop my crew and do some landings.  I still haven't really seen Kerbal Academy contracts so I am not sure what they do. Eriksson 1 Mun Lander craft (6759 dV) Launch date: Goal: First soft landing on the Mun (unkerballed) and recovery of transmitted science and images to fulfill contract. Setting up standard ascent parameters: Turn at 98.9m/s or 20km.  50% turn to 15 deg. Accel cap at 30 m/s.  No autocorrect.  Autostage pre/post 0.5. Weird pulsing on takeoff (seemed to shift right at launch) Constant correction but it was okay. Lock gimbal for Trans Munar Injection Needed to unlock gimbal on the 2nd stage.  Odd, not sure why that was needed. Needed to extend panels as the power would not hold out for the duration.  Should add side panels to the fuel tank.  Hopefully won't adversely affect the landing. 1649 dV to land.  Set landing target at Midland Craters. Weird pulsing again as it kept not landing (need to increase touchdown speed on a small craft maybe?).  I turned off the autopilot and out it down. (813 dV in the tank) First soft landing on the Mun! <Erikssen 1 Landed> <Ericssen 1 Science> Eagle 2 (Jebediah) Mercury Orbital Platform (5023 dV) Launch date: 1y 268d This will be a night launch with Jebediah.  It is the first Kerbal Academy contract.  It costs $125k and makes no money but will increase Jeb's level (he is at one star and no bar towards the next). Mission:  Launch to equatorial orbit.  Change Incline to above 45deg.  Land. Needed to reset for more fuel.  5023 not enough and I di dno fill up the top tank.  Need to fill that.  Changed Rockomax adapter to Procedural fuel tank as well. New: 5638 dV After circ at 125km - 2128 dV 1722 needed to change inclination to 46 deg (45 needed). 402 left after incline change for return. Should be good. Used auto land and it used my dV.  I am in a descent so I simply will land. The mission was a success. Jeb got 6 experience and moved up to level 2 (2 stars). <Jeb Training Level 2>  

Mission 16: A New Era

Well, I have ignored this mission series for a while because I was spending some time with Kerbalism and the Historic Missions contracts.  The cool thing there was that I included the historical craft as well so I didn't end up just doing mission after mission with the same equipment and some slight variation of results (suborbital, low orbit, high orbit, miss Mun, etc...) So, I am continuing the historical's in that version and here I am shifting focus.  I removed the historical contracts and added Kerbal Academy contracts (which looks interesting).  I also have K-Files as well, so I am trying different contracts.  I will then shift to using the USI system in this so that I am doing two fairly different plans. So, my next set of mission here will be my journey to Duna and Ike. Here is the old Duna plan (annotated): Duna Orbiter: will get science in high Kerbol space before arrival and then high space over Duna at which point it will set up in a satellite contract orbit for big $$ (at 14.8mm orbit). Duna Lander: will get science in low space (<140km), jettison that module and then parachute land on Duna for science from the surface (more $$). Ike Explorer: two ships; one detaches and lands on Ike for ground science while the other orbits for both high and low science.  I will shoot to have a very high Duna orbit (Ike orbits at 2.9mm) so it  is easy to get into Duna orbit. <Begin Duna Series> Those are the plans to follow. Launch 1:  Duna Lander. (date 1,213) 6350 dV (using the atmosphere of Duna to brake and land so the DV should be plenty). Trans Duna Injection looks good. Duna Periapsis of 3.6mm before tuning.  1313 dV left.  Plenty. Kerbin escape in 3 days.  Turn ship towards Kerbol for panels. Ranger 3 is right in front!  Setting up fine tuning.  Aiming for 200 km. Sets up for 193km in 66 days (1.9dV only).  Alarm set. <Duna Lander Launched> Launch 2: Duna Orbiter (date 1, 217) 6641 dV (going for a very large orbit 12+mm) Trans Duna Injection goes well. Duna Periapsis 5mm before tuning (outward).  1673dV. I probably will not tune this since it is outside Ike already (by twice).  I don't want to miss Duna! Do the Kerbol science as soon as I exit Kerbin SOI in 3 days. Got the science. Aligned to Kerbol.  Alarm set for SOI to Duna. <Duna Orbiter Launched> Launch 3: Ike Explorer (date 1,221) 7246dV Trans Duna Injection Good. Duna Periapsis at 2.3mm.  Great for Xfer to Duna. 1675 in 3rd stage.  908 for lander (additional). No fine tune needed. <Ike Explorer Launched>

Misson 15

So the shift to 1.1.2 appears to be okay.  I needed to get rid of the DMagic contract stuff for now, it appears to not be working properly.  I will add it again when I can. Couple mission saves done: <K-Files Ep0> <Pioneer-5> <Venera-1 Adjust> Contracts are being odd.  They are fulfilled but not marking themselves fulfilled.  Both of these had to be closed manually: <Korabl-3> <Mercury Redstone 1> It has actually been a few days but this is such a short entry I am continuing it.  I was working on 2 other Kerbal installs with different setups but I want to return to this as I am getting close to a manned mission! I have two more unmanned tests to do, a US and Soviet one.  I believe after that will be the first Kerbal in space mission. <Mercury Redstone 2> <Korabl Sputnik 4> <Ranger-2> <Polar Contract> Broke $5M in funds! I have received the contract for the unmanned Mercury-Atlas rocket which means I cannot use my suborbital Mercury for this one, so I am developing the rocket as "Mercury Orbital" Test flight for Mercury-Atlas-4 (5086 dV) Reached 150k circular orbit with 960 dV in 2nd stage.  Releasing the stage as I have 516 dV in the return stage and I need 115.6dV to get my peri down to 10km. <Mercury Atlas 4> Orbital contract and Historic Mission <Poppy 1> Last unmanned Korabl craft. <Korabl Sputnik 5> Continuing some historical until I get to the manned missions (very close). Built a Ranger base for Mun Flyby.  6982 dV.  Trying a Hullcam again. Needed to add some thrust at Miun because it wasn't going to go heliocentric.  No problem though and it succeeded. <Ranger-3> The Ranger 4 mission has to run out of power on its way to the Mun and then crash into the surface.  Done! <Ranger-4> So, I have been offered the chimp Mercury orbit mission.  Need to get that done.  I also am a little concerned about my Duna rockets that they may be short on dV.  I may want to add boosters.  The Ike on in particular since the lander is a separate item and is not part of the transfer.

Shifting to 1.1.2

I ran a few more missions that were not logged <Minmus Mag Study> and the very first capsule mission! <Korabl 1> There has been a variety of mod updates so I think I may be ready to try the shift to 1.1.2 with my save game.  First I am running what I have right now (54 addons, 6850 patches) and then I plan to add a bunch of manual mods, sifting to CKAN when/if they are available.  Still missing some I like, but they are missing in 1.1 as well (like Hullcam and Transfer Window) so that should not be a blocker. I am manually installing: Community Tech Tree RCS Build Aid Kronal Vessel Viewer Ship Manifest Ambient Light Adjustment Environmental Visual Enhancement (EVE) Stock Visual Enhancement - Ultra to go with EVE Planetshine LCD Countdown Distant Object Enhancement Surface Experiments Mkerb Science The only remaining missing one from 1.1 is Procedural Fairings and I don't think I need that.  I guess we will see how this all goes as I have a number of new mods in 1.1.2 as well as more planets and other systems. Launching notes: Needed Mkerb for the pingers, need to reset lost missions. Texture Replacer gives warning but should work. AmbientLight, ShipManifest and Planetshine are the same. Intersteller Fuel Switch needs an update per AVC. 60 Add-ons.  7159 patches. Capcom+ is acting weird.  IT is not showing many contracts (but it says they are there).  Also historicals don't seem to be showing.  Doing some futzing in CKAN. I brought my original save back and also got rid of Capcom for now.  Let's see if that fixes things. Now it is 59 add-ons.  7159 patches (still). I will try Korabl-2 as a test. Achieved circular orbit at 125km.  Only 126 dV left though (seems much lower than last journey but maybe not?)  Need to do the return. Use it all to go to -19km periapsis.  Seemed better before? 40 ablator at start (2400m/s).  21.75 ablator after burn. <Korabl-2>  

Mission 14

Yes, I am skipping 13, but not really.  I actually spent a fair amount of time yesterday trying to get the X-15 to fly with little luck. However, I was able to make it fly today enough to get the contract fulfilled.  Done with plane missions.  I like rockets!  So I will count yesterday's non-success as mission 13. Now onward to Pioneer-4! <Pioneer-4> I am seeing the odd scatterer bug where the sky is black and the ocean disappears.  reset time. Didn't need to.  Updated Chatterer with NASA sounds.  Pretty cool.  Also some minor contracts. <Chat Update> <Vanguard-3> <Good Contract> <Luna-3> Had the tracking station crash while I was attempting to clean up all the ships I don't need.  Rest and finish cleanup. <Some Cleanup> (and crashed) <More Cleanup> (and crashed) and tired... A few more: The Venera mission which sends a probe on a Flyby or Eve.  It was possible with the Luna craft (enough dV for a flyby) so it was sent. <Venera-1 Underway> Also did a Mun Survey mission (it did not register my goo so I needed to manually complete the contract).  There is a time component as well, so that is underway. <Mun Mag Field> $4.3M in the bank.  

Mission 12

Still slowly adding mods to 1.1.2. It has the parts I am using, but not the beauty stuff yet so sticking with 1.1 for now, still. However, I have put a bunch of mods into 1.1.2 and a few new ones, so I am running that to test out some of these and see if I like them! KRASH worked great for sims.  VOID may not be needed, but I will keep it for now.  Lots of good new science as well.  Much to play with when I can shift over.  Looks pretty solid, just need my mods to make things gorgeous (and sound good too)! Back to handling some historic (and other) contracts in 1.1: <Sputnik-3> <Pioneer-2> Experienced the weird state where you go into the tracking station but cannot see any ships and cannot exit.  Restart needed. <Discoverer-1> Tracking station F'ed again, so I am stopping for now. A bit more... <Luna-1> <Explorer-7> <Discoverer-2> <Sat Contract> Moving into the next day, some contract work continues.  1.1.2 is getting closer but not yet! <Luna-2> Played with X-15.  I have no idea how you make a plane that works at this point.

Mission 11

As I mentioned in the last post, 1.1.2 was released.  It seems to be doing better than 1.1.1 and it also appears mods are updating a bit quicker for it.  Many of my mods have not made the journey yet so I will stick with 1.1 for the moment.  However, it will not update that any longer.  It seems that CKAN is breaking people by putting the latest 1.1.2 mod in to older versions (like mine) so since things are stable, I am going to stay without new mod updates until I shift. Back to Kerbal! I built ships for Duna.  A Duna Orbiter which will get science in high Kerbol space before arrival and then high space over Duna at which point it will set up in a satellite contract orbit for big $$.  A Duna Lander which will get science in low space, jettison that module and then parachute land on Duna for science from the surface (more $$). An Ike Explorer which is two ships; one detaches and lands on Ike for ground science while the other orbits for both high and low science. <Sputnik-2> <Explorer-5> <3 Million Bucks> <Pioneer-1>