So the shift to 1.1.2 appears to be okay.  I needed to get rid of the DMagic contract stuff for now, it appears to not be working properly.  I will add it again when I can. Couple mission saves done: <K-Files Ep0> <Pioneer-5> <Venera-1 Adjust> Contracts are being odd.  They are fulfilled but not marking themselves fulfilled.  Both of these had to be closed manually: <Korabl-3> <Mercury Redstone 1> It has actually been a few days but this is such a short entry I am continuing it.  I was working on 2 other Kerbal installs with different setups but I want to return to this as I am getting close to a manned mission! I have two more unmanned tests to do, a US and Soviet one.  I believe after that will be the first Kerbal in space mission. <Mercury Redstone 2> <Korabl Sputnik 4> <Ranger-2> <Polar Contract> Broke $5M in funds! I have received the contract for the unmanned Mercury-Atlas rocket which means I cannot use my suborbital Mercury for this one, so I am developing the rocket as "Mercury Orbital" Test flight for Mercury-Atlas-4 (5086 dV) Reached 150k circular orbit with 960 dV in 2nd stage.  Releasing the stage as I have 516 dV in the return stage and I need 115.6dV to get my peri down to 10km. <Mercury Atlas 4> Orbital contract and Historic Mission <Poppy 1> Last unmanned Korabl craft. <Korabl Sputnik 5> Continuing some historical until I get to the manned missions (very close). Built a Ranger base for Mun Flyby.  6982 dV.  Trying a Hullcam again. Needed to add some thrust at Miun because it wasn't going to go heliocentric.  No problem though and it succeeded. <Ranger-3> The Ranger 4 mission has to run out of power on its way to the Mun and then crash into the surface.  Done! <Ranger-4> So, I have been offered the chimp Mercury orbit mission.  Need to get that done.  I also am a little concerned about my Duna rockets that they may be short on dV.  I may want to add boosters.  The Ike on in particular since the lander is a separate item and is not part of the transfer.