I have no new mod updates at the moment.  It is possible that the problem I saw was related to MechJeb.  Some others reported odd behavior in map view with MechJeb so I plan to check that out and possibly post the issue. Wide satellite contract 19,328kn x 15,222 km (1.5 deg incline) 936 dV at conclusion.  Starting dV 6345 (2 stages, no release of 2nd stage, Sat 2 style). Some weird visual jumps but everything did function with no errors so far. <Good Sat Contract> Blossom-1 Mission (Simple Suborbital use.  20th V-2 Historic Mission) Manual limit to 25 m/s2 accel.  Turned to 75 deg at 100 m/s speed. Clean Flight.  Good splashdown. $750K in the bank! <Blossom-1>