One mod update, Historic Contracts got a fix that may have been blocking the Russian contracts. I hope that means there are more of them!  There had been none for a while. <Another Sat Contract> So I did another satellite contract.  I had the MechJeb apparent error again.  It seems it just loses the ability to set the point properly.  I went back to Spacecenter and back but it still happened.  I went to another satellite, set something and it worked.  I went back, and it worked.  Odd.  Probably should load the exception tracker and send a report.  I feel pretty confident it is MechJeb related but it is not necessarily true. Now, I am doing my first Mun mission which will be followed by a Mun survey mission.  First a flyby and science project. Launch Test of Mun Flyer 5218 dV with boosters.  Weird launch. Added upper stabililzers to see if that helps in a later test.