I have not updated the posts in a while since I only was playing intermittently, so I just kept notes.  These are mush less complete. I used the time to do some basic 'completion' of the core Kerbin system.  Kerballed missions to both Mun and Minmus, the first space station (SpaceLab 1), and I sent my first interplanetary probe (Moho Explorer). I want to build a set of core crafts that I use directly or tweak as I move to the next stage of more hands-on exploration of the local system and other possible settlement planets.  This will include rovers, more advanced stations and settlements on the moons.  Before heading into that, let me log the various missions I have done since my last entry. To start, we did some kerballed orbital missions to both Mun and Minmus but very little was logged about those (they were not even named).  They did register some ribbons for the crews.  After that, the scan missions were adjusted to a higher orbit to get more coverage. <Scan Adjust> The next project was Spacelab 1.  It uses some new (MOLE) station parts and is not very complex.  It housed a pilot and scientist initially to understand how these systems worked. <Spacelab 1 Orbit> That was followed by an unmanned supply mission to dock with Spacelab, which is to stay connected until its food supply runs out. After that, the Moon Lander craft was developed to visit both Mun and Minmus. The first landing mission was Jeb. Bill and Bob visiting the Farside Crater biome.  This could have failed multiple times.  Fuel was too tight and food was close (it seems these missions are taking longer than they used to?).  It was successful at landing and laying out the surface experiments (it was the only one where some did not explode...) So it worked. That was followed by a test of the Explorer Interplanetary probe (lots of science on board) being tested at Mun.  Good test and ready for making journeys outward. <Mun Explorer Test> Mun Lander 2 followed (Val, Alcella, Buzz) at 'Judy Crater'.  Many surface experiments blew up but I also learned to leave the Kraken samples open for return (or they reset).  Good science as well. <Mun Lander 2> Moho Explorer window opened so that was sent on its way.  Needs a fair amount of dV to go into orbit, let's see what happens... <Moho Explorer Underway> That was followed by a Minmus Lander 1 mission.  Wow, more than 30 days?  I don't remember that long, but they barely got home due to food loss and oxygen almost gone. <Minmus Lander 1> Finally, in my recap, I sent a new 2-kerbal science crew to Spacelab to replace the pilot/science crew and test the orbital craft for kerbal changes.  All went well. <Station ReCrew> Now, I am ready to start creating some craft for exploring the other planets by testing a rover (I already have a scanner ready to go) because the more interesting windows start opening in the near future.