After many tests and much planning, it appears we are ready to handle the Apollo 11 contract and land our first Kerbals on Mun and bring them home again.  This is a special mission and may signal near the end for my historical contracts.  Frankly, the space program got a bit boring after that and I would rather do my own stations and interplanetary missions rather than contracts.  Anyway, we are looking at a momentous moment in Kerbin history! Apollo 11 Jebediah, Valentina and Bill After a complete journey and the need for a manual landing...the hatch is blocked by the platform and they can't get out on the Mun!  Holy crap.  There is nothing I can do at this point.  I can't get the item off and I can't get them out. This mission is dismal. The RCS are flying it all over the place. I am  not sure what the problem is.  I am trying to rendezvous just to get them home. Lot's of errors seem to be happening with my automatic systems.  Final result, I got them home safely.  They did no get to walk on Mun, though. <Apollo 11 Recovered> Well, after testing, it appears there is a fatal flaw in the FASA LM model.  Even when disconnected, you cannot exit due to a blocked hatch.  There is no way to fix this that I can see. In the end, I did succeed in landing on Mun and returning safely even with lots of hassles.  Apollo 11 is successful although not very satisfying.  This may be the end of this Kerbal setup journey since I can't exit the ships for the Mun. Confirmed.  Nothing but ascent module and the hatch is blocked.  It is unusable. Since the next mission, Apollo 12, (and others that follow) are all landing and collect sample missions, this is essentially done. It was a good set of missions being able to recreate so many historic ones with realistic parts.  Whatever the scatterer and visual settings are, I want to save because they are really nice. Game over!