I have created a 3-Kerbal craft to do Munar and Minmus orbital missions.  The first test of this new "Trio" spacecraft will be unkerballed and will include some additional science as part of its test. Trio 1 Orbital 3 Kerbal Tester craft (5541 dV) No crew. Test of the 3-Kerbal craft in an orbital rendezvous with Mun.  Getting some science in the process that returns home. 580 dV remaining after reinsertion to Kerbin and a 20 km periapsis for re-entry. Periapsis went to 60km after warp.  Needed to fix.  Left with 560 dV. Recovered with almost 400 science (more than 700 total with transmit).  Late on chute a bit (nervous).  Can reduce ablator to 400. Successful mission. <Trio 1> The unkerballed Trio 2 mission to Minmus also went smoothly.  It did highlight that at least 30 days are involved in the trip so I added supplies and oxygen.  It is overkill for Mun, but a decent test of the overall system since this is the base craft for future transport missions as well. <Trio 2> Before sending my Kerbals on their first mission outside of Kerbin gravity, it seemed a good time to send the scanners to start mapping the surfaces for later landing (since I have the late-model scanners at this point).  The craft was built (Meriwether Scanner) and a test flight was sent to scan Kerbin.  It went okay but needed more reaction wheel control which was added.  The subsequent missions to Mun and Minmus went off well.  (Power failures are not uncommon, but they seem to be mapping). <Mun Scan> <Munmus Scan> I think we are ready for our first kerballed mission away from Kerbin.  Very exciting!