I have actually run a number of Kerbal Settler missions already.  It did not seem necessary to log these early missions.  I made it a science-based experience so there is some reward for doing the science work (it makes it a bit more interesting even if unnecessary). I have done a large part of the Historical Progression Tech Tree which I think is pretty good.  It does have an interesting approach where you can move up parts of the tree based on type.  I moved up quickly thanks to KEI, but as I said, this is more about having a purpose behind some missions rather than beat something. I am at the point of the first Kerbal orbital missions.  I have a 2-Kerbal craft that has been tested (Brumby from WildBlue mod). The missions will be Duet 6 (the previous 5 were unmanned tests). Duet 6 Orbital 2 Kerbal craft (4887 dV) Val and Bill in the first Kerballed Orbital Mission 150km orbit.  Seems the supplies are solid (I want to try a different Kerbalism setup)  I am not sure if it is paying attention to radiation and stuff or not. The return is now underway after about 3 hours of orbiting and an EVA report as well (from Bill). Parachute expansion was WAY too close to the ground.  Really thought it was too late!  But they made it! Duet 7 Orbital 2 Kerbal craft (4841 with added science) Jeb (pilot) and Alcella (eng) will be doing an orbital mission at 250 km orbit to test the high space performance as well as do some science and see how it stores on the hard drive.  Alcella will also retrieve the drive and bring it into the craft on EVA.  So, some interesting mission experiments to try out. In moving the science to the hard drive you definitely lose a significant percentage.  To such a point that it seems that transmitting would be better in most cases?!?  I need to understand the value of the drive a bit more (is it just for getting it into the labs?) I want to go retrieve the drive now and see how that works.  Alcella is up! So, when Alcella got the drive, she could not get back in because she was carrying it.  We went on a bit of a wild journey through EVA space but was able to get back to the ship.  The only way I got it in was to put it in Jebs inventory.  When he went out for his EVA, it did not show as carried visually but it wigged out when he went to get back in.  I finally got things back after going to the Space Center and back.  Don't do that again! Recovery successful although once again it did not slow down until very close to the end.  I think I need to increase the altitude (was 700, increased to 1000) again.  Maybe 1200?  Basically, it was close and I jettisoned the heat shield to slow down quicker at the end. <Duet 7> Duet 8 Orbital 2 Kerbal craft (4857 dV, different science) Gilnne (pilot), Bob (sci) This mission will bring a pilot and Bob the scientist (not an engineer) on the trip.  It will go to 200 km orbit and collect low orbit goo and material.  Then, it will shift up to 500 km orbit and get a 2nd batch of the same science.  It will then stay in orbit for 3 days and return.  Nice little mission plan.  Will be shifting to the larger craft next as the Duet will retire except for as an orbital rescue vehicle. The ascent will be 200km with a 2deg end angle (50%). I added some little verniers for a touch! Had a crash during my EVA in the high orbit.  Everything is fine though after a restart (did a recent save).  I have done my 3-day orbit and will be returning shortly. Need 271 to return (837 in tank).  Crew seems fine after 3 days. There seems to be an oddity with this parachute, changing the parameters does not cause it to expand earlier.  If I pop off the heat shield when the parachute does expand, it slows down in time. Success! The final experimental Duet series mission. <Duet 8>