A set of rovers were tested on the local system. Eventually settling on  Mini-Rover built around the USI exploration mod.  It was tested both landed via thrusters (for non atmosphere landings) and chutes.  The sims would indicate it is ready. I am going to shift my focus to doing a series of interplanetary missions, so I will also be pulling the crew down from Spacelab I as I want to build a more advanced station once the interplanetary is underway.  I have a set of ships for windows.  They include a scanner for the main planet (and possibly moons).  Explorer stays in orbits.  There is a lander and a rover as well.  The lander has more science but is not mobile, so it is used for the main planet in general. First up is sending the LONG missions to Eeloo because that window is open (and is rare). 1 - Eeloo Scanner (4y 389d) [Clark Interplanetary Scanner] 2 - Eeloo Explorer (5y 11d) [Explorer] 3 - Eeloo Lander (5y 43d) [Interplanetary Lander NoAtmo] 4 - Eeloo Rover (5y 43d) They are all underway with various adjustments scheduled.  It seems the dV is well in the zone at the moment. <Eeloo Rover> The next task was to get the Spacelab I crew home, which was done. <Spacelab I Crew Final Return> Next up is a set of craft heading to new planet Arkas and also Duna.  Their windows are at the same time.  The four main ones to Arkas itself, then rovers to each of the moons as well (see how that goes!)  Four mains to Duna and a River to Ike. 1 - Arkas Scanner (183d) 1439 dV departure (5581 dV) 124d adjust 73.1 <Arkas Scanner> Note: 750 km alt best for first scanner (250 after) 2 - Arkas Explorer (183d) 1423 dV depart (5432 dV) Very wobbly transfer stage.  Should lock gimbal. 122d adjust 19.8 <Arkas Explorer> 3 - Arkas Lander (181d) 1408 dV departure (5292 dV) 121d adjust 42.3. <Arkas Lander> 4 - Arkas Rover (180d) 1396 dV departure (4503 dV) [Mini Smart Rover Interplanetary Atmo] 120d adjust 40.4 <Arkas Rover> 5 - Kras Rover (177d) 1368 dV departure (7184 dV) Need to await transfer due to Mun in the way... Done. 120d adjust 32.9 6 - Duna Scanner (240d) 1010 dV (6014 dV) 21d adjust 7.0 <Duna Scanner> 7 - Duna Explorer (242d) 1008 dV (?) No adjust needed. 8 - Duna Lander (242d) 1008 dV (5698 dV) 69d adjust 3.1 9 - Vin Rover (176d) 1366 dV (6747 dV) 199d adjust 39.1 <Vin Rover> 10 - Ike Rover (242d) 1010dV (7110 dV) 69d adjust 3.7 Quick break for the Moho Explorer Adjustment... Will need another adjust in 6 days.  May not be able to orbit. <Moho Explorer Adjust> Finally, the last of the big train of interplanetary explorers.  The Duna Rover.  Launch is tricky (it is heavy) but should be fine at 30 degrees. 11 - Duna Rover (242d) 1011 dV (4731dV) 68d adjust 3.2 <Duna Rover> Whew!