First I need to do some Duna craft adjustments since they occur before the Arkas adjustments. I have also received word that an engine failure has occurred on the Eeloo Rover craft.  Oh well, that may not work out. <Duna Adjustments> Now need to handle the Arkas adjustments which will be followed by their arrival (one small Eeloo adjustment might also occur before that). <Arkas Adjustments> A quick Eeloo Explorer adjustment and then on to Arkas! <Eeloo Adjustment> The Arkas Explorer is in a decent 500km orbit.  The scanner is in a polar 750k orbit doing its thing.  The Lander is also in a 500k orbit waiting for coordinates.  The rovers are starting to arrive now. <Arkas Set 1> Got the 3 rovers craft in orbit of Arkas.  Was not able to do an intercept of incline match with Vin or Kras.  I hope I have enough fuel to match them and land the rovers.  I guess we will see! <Arkas Rover Set> Setting up the Vin and Kras rovers in their respective orbits. The Kras Rover will require 47 days to get to its transfer point so I have scheduled that for now. <Arkas Moon Rovers Orbit> Now, I can start doing some science! I do need to adjust to the lower scan orbit to get the biomes of Arkas now. I also think that I can lower the orbit of the Kras Lander to get there sooner, so I will try that as well. It worked.  Will get to Kras much sooner now. Getting Arkas Explorer science because I can then send it to the outer moons as well. <Arkas Explorer Science> Kras Rover now in orbit of Kras. Sending Arkas Explorer to Kras for an orbital science survey. <Arkas Explorer Kras Science> Arkas Explorer ready to leave Kras and head to Vin. Should adjust scanner to Kras if possible. Got the scanner in 260k orbit of Kras.  443 dV left in the tank, may not be able to do Vin, but we will see. <Kras Scanner> Arkas Explorer has reached its final destination of Vin.  It still has 1823 in the tank, but it won't be needed.  It required almost 600 to make the journey so I need a quicker route if the scanner is going to pull this transfer off. Lots of science. There doe snot appear to be an achievable Space Low for Vin.  It did not occur above 5K and it hit the ground. <Vin Explorer> Only 344 left in Kras Scanner <Kras Scanner Adjust> The lander made it to Arkas and landed on the Central Dunes biome.  Very successful mission and first interplanetary landing! <Arkas Lander Landed> Only 4 days away from first Duna mission arriving (scanner) so I need to focus on that in the near term and hold the rover science at the Arkas system for later.