I am going to do an RSS version of Kerbal trying to handle some of the historical mission contracts.  I don't expect to get real far in this (no moon landing because the realism kills) but I am curious what I am able to do, so thus the effort. There will be a lot more failure here and learning to do.  Let's see if it's fun! To fulfill the first two contracts which is get a ship off the ground and the V-2 test (which has the same demand) I am creating: "The Garlic" A sounding rocket comprised of a command object. Nose cone parachute (which won't work in FAR, so no chute).  A solid fuel motor (non-RO). I will make an RO version next but this will get the ball rolling. 565 dV Ready for test launch. Forgot the fins, but I got to 1600m and the parachute does appear to maybe work? BTW, I have no structural launch holder yet because of career.  Damn! Also, the Sounding Rocket mod doesn't register the first launch contract, so I will do that with "The Pepper". "The Pepper" Build a Sounding Rocket with RO parts. Using a procedural tank and an aerobee engine.  2182 dV. Test Flight did not fix contract (will do manually).  Reached a height of 16,493m. "The Madelyn" AerobeeJr-based.  2285 dV. Test launch. Reached a height of 58km.  Upper atmosphere so good science from both upper and lower atmosphere (transmitted) before the crash. The Madelyn had much better height without much more dV.  I am theorizing this is due to the pressure at the lower atmosphere shifting quickly as you break through. "The Minnie" 2866 dV.  Testing the altitude. 180.5km.  WOW! <Sounding Launches> Need to do the suborbital V-2 mission with The Minnie.  I will try and recover with a parachute as well.