Ready to begin again.  I will set the initial money to about $100K just so there are no early issues (the money part is sort of annoying, but I think it is good to use contracts). On launch I have received a note of incompatible mods. I feel like EVE may not be necessary anymore with the SVE add-on.  I may try it without that but it seems to be working at the moment. Sounding Rocket Alpha Pad Test Successfully recovered temp and pressure from pad for contract. Researched Engineering 101.  Got a bunch of stuff! Sound Rocket Alpha Flight 423dV in 1 stage, Added Seismic to get pad data Rocket Reached a height of 1775 m.  Temp and pressure experiments.  Chute open and vehicle recovered. A-3 Contract completed.  20.8 science earned. SUCCESSFUL MISSION. Sounding Rocket Beta Pad Test (no fuel) 7.3 Science Earned from 4 Xper. Fairings did not separate, probably due to staying on the pad.  Hopefully they come off in flight! Sounding Rocket Beta Flight 528dV in 1 Stage. (449 on pad?) Height 2384m.  4 Xper. Good Recovery.  16.8 Science earned. SUCCESSFUL MISSION. <Early Sounding>