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<Moho Encounter Begins> After some adjustments to this and the Duna Scanner, it is time to do our flyby/orbit of Moho.  Hopefully we can go into orbit, but a flyby may be necessary. Lost signal and was worried engine would not shut off!  It did (Mechjeb) so I am in an elliptical orbit of Moho.  I can adjust later if necessary. 709k x 50k (47dV left) <Moho Orbit> Upper space science collected and transmitted. <Moho Science 1> Near space science collected. <Moho Science 2>  


I am concluding the Kerbal 1.1.2 New Horizons Project.  There has not been an update to 1.1.3 and I don't want to go back to 1.1.2.  I will store the history in case I return but for now, there are other game mods to pursue. New Horizons was great.  It really was.  It was so different since Kerbin had a mini-system that offered more than Mun/Minmus.  However, it also made the rest of the system more challenging as well, so that made it a bit tedious because you had to develop a fair amount to be able to explore beyond. I did not do many kerballed missions because the robotic craft were fun and I was able to [play with many mods in that space which turned out to be great and create some cool ships.  So that was good as well. As I said, I will store this setup for the future in case I want to use the saved games and craft, but, for now, off to other Kerbal adventures!

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The Rouady website is currently under development.  It will be active in the near future.