I updated my RSS to 1.1.3 and added FASA (beta) to the mix.  Now I will continue these more realistic missions. I created and tested the Mercury Redstone suborbital craft.  It made a solid mission so I think it is ready to do an unmanned mission and gather a little more stability research and science. Mercury Redstone Test 1 January 6, 1954 Good test.  Broke 400km. <Mercury Redstone Test 1> I have received a high sound rocket contract that needs to reach 2700km.  Up there!  I need a bigger rocket than previously.  I am not sure of the dV necessary at this point, need to do some tests. I have a rocket with almost 7000dV but the engine is failing in  the sim.  I think I need to do it 'for real' to get the engine failure down. I see something else as well.  I can do research on the engine to increase its performance.  Here are some notes: LR89-NA-3 Did the lowest level of research.  Let's see how this works. Rated burn time is 2m 15s Not sure how the research shows up. I did upgrade the engine to the next level. I did a rest and removed the karger tank and engine. Exchanged to a weaker LR105 series engine which allowed me to use a smaller tank.  Thus I got a dV of 7899 and a longer burning engine.  Even though it is much poorer in the atmosphere (5496 dV) it worked great and got me near 3000km.  Ready to handle the mission contract! (I will take pictures) Sounding Rocket High 2 craft Feb 14, 1954 Success. <Sounding Rocket High> This is a good stopping point.  I can do a suborbital flight but I want some pics and stuff!